Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day of Caring will be June 20

United Way of Lake County has announced that its 20th Annual Day of Caring will be Wednesday, June 20.

How does Day of Caring work?

o    Non-profit organizations submit one-day projects on behalf of clients, people in need and/or organizations with limited resources.

o    Area companies, schools, service clubs and other interested individuals volunteer to "adopt" a project.

o    Agencies and organizations collaborate to procure supplies needed for successful completion of the project. United Way of Lake County is not responsible for supplying materials or supplies for projects.

AGENCIES (submitting projects)

Projects may be large or small in scale and may involve activities such as landscaping, painting or cleaning. Others may involve social activities such as an outing for nursing home residents, an ice cream social with seniors or a picnic for members of a parenting support group.

Agencies can submit as many projects as they like, however we cannot guarantee that each project will be adopted. We do encourage multiple submissions.

Agencies who would like to submit a project need to contact Nick Carrabine at 440.639.1131 or NCarrabine@UWLC.org. Project applications are due on or before Friday, May 18.


Day of Caring offers great benefits for companies and individuals and provides corporate team-building opportunities where you'll see immediate results, develop group work skills, develop camaraderie and friendly competition but more importantly, Day of Caring offers the chance to give back to the community in a tangible way.

If you or your business/organization would like to volunteer for Day of Caring, please contact Rich Thiedemann at 440.639.1153 or Rthiedemann@uwlc.org. The deadline for businesses to volunteer is Friday, May 25.

Once we receive the full list of projects (which will not be until late May), we will allow businesses to pick and choose which projects they'd like to adopt (First come, First served). It's encouraged that businesses visit the project sites they adopt before hand to make sure your group is capable of completing the project and to know what materials are needed.

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