Monday, November 5, 2012

Holiday Reflections - What do they mean to you and to others?

What do the holidays mean to you? For most (including myself) the holidays mean gathering with family and friends, sharing meals, giving gifts to those you care about, staying warm and safe on the roads, enjoying the beauty of winter, etc...
What do the holidays mean for someone who does not have a place to live?
What do the holidays mean for a child who loses their gloves and does not have enough money to get new ones?
What do the holidays mean for someone who is not able to buy gifts for anyone?
What do the holidays mean for those who need stand in line (in the cold) for food, for heat, for shelter?
These questions are not meant to bring gloom to a beautiful and joyful time in many people’s lives, these questions are meant to help put our community into perspective, because there are people in Lake County going through these things. These questions are asked to allow you to pause, while in the hustle and bustle of shopping or cooking or greeting, and consider two things: the first is reflection on and thankfulness for what you do have, even if it does not seem like much. The second is that maybe, in your day-to-day holiday shopping, you pause to buy two loaves of bread instead of one to give to a food pantry, or to buy two tubes of toothpaste instead of one to help someone in this community’s day become just a little easier, or to buy an extra pair of gloves to give to a child who needs them.
Please allow your thankfulness for what you have to extend  to others. Even just ONE extra pair of gloves can be the difference for someone having a difficult winter.  
It is a joyful time for many - please help it be a joyful time for all.
If you do pick up extra food or clothing while shopping or if you would like to donate your time, please dial 2-1-1 or call United Way of Lake County (440-352-3166) so that your items and time are given where they are most needed.
Thank you for reading.
Makella Slavick
Special Projects Coordinator
United Way of Lake County

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